Sounds: The Ambient Light (Feat. Pure Mids) // Feelin Kinda Lost

Our pals Pure Mids have been featured on this sick new track from Cali’s The Ambient Light and its all kinds of summertime vibes, making my hangover feel a little more manageable.

Reminiscent of Tame Impala or Beach Fossils, The Ambient Light’s “Feelin Kinda Lost” takes lyrics of real truth, an excellent harmony, and synths that make you feel like you’re dancing on rain clouds. They make you feel like it’s ok to not know exactly where you are going, or when you’re going there, and I think that’s something that is really powerful in a dream pop track. It isn’t just about fun and games and a catchy beat, its real musicality and honest lyrics that just become more accessible because its so damn well done.

Hats off to The Ambient Light (and of course our homies Pure Mids) for putting out a track that means something without aggressively telling you so.

Listen to “Feelin Kinda Lost” below

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