Sounds: C. Alexander // Prophet Pariah

Crazy stoked to share this track from C. Alexander before heading off to Europe for yet another great adventure. The track is essentially instrumentals that he set to a profound speech by John Perkins.

“I found it on a free sound library sort of site and just fell in love with it and built the music around it. Basically my take is that feminism is more than “woman power” (though that is definitely an important part of it), but that it is the creative force of the universe and an opposite to the destructive (masculine) force of the universe.”

If you listen to the track (which you will, because that’s what you’re here for) you’ll notice that in its almost 3 minutes, you’re essentially sitting in on a Harvard session on feminism, masculinity, technology, and the unification of identity. The music just makes it a little more accessible.

Tip: Ted talks should be set to music.

“So in the context of my album, it’s another of a few tracks that are taking sounds that I feel like are relevant in the Trumpian America we are living in right now. This one focuses on feminism, but like I said, with a twist in the sense that it is more talking about the spirituality of the human race (he may mean in a literal way, but I’m not really a spiritual person). He says that most of human history has been in a masculine mindset, masculine God, masculine power, masculine violence, but that we need to look to societies that worshipped Goddesses instead, because the goddesses were much more about creativity, emotional maturity, and all of those sort of conventional “feminine” qualities (in a syntactical sort of sense, not making a comment on generalizing women). I think he is saying the only solution to the toxic nature of our reality in this post-modern, post-atomic bomb sort of world, is to shift our focus on our emotions, on our self, on love, on mind expanding drugs, and on creativity.(TL;DR: Love is the answer mannn **peace sign**)”

And the people say amen. awomen.

Right so listen to the experimental track below and listen to his entire new EP Found Poetry on Spotify or Soundcloud.

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