Sounds: Vacation Forever // I Changed My Life for You


“Changed my life is kind of like Beach Boys on crack it’s 2 chords and repeating vocals it’s a desperate attempt to sound like Alan Vega.”

I’m jet lagged, and in a whirl of sadness and happiness and post-vacation blur and have come across this track by Vacation Forever, and can’t think of a more fitting track for how I feel at the moment.

Vacation Forever is the new project from Swedish artist Zacharias Zachrisson—it’s tropical emo, with a catchy beat and an overwhelming sadness and depth underneath.

2017 was a tough year for Zacke. He lost his mother and left the band he founded, dealing with severe stage fright. After some serious soul searching Zacke started from scratch. The result is a genre defying, vibrant and honest look into this special artist’s soul that Jeff Bhasker calls “The best thing I’ve ever heard.”

You won’t find a complexity of lyrics in the track “I Changed My Life for You” but the repetition is what brings about its depth. It’s not a sweet love song about hope and happiness, it explores the truth of intensity when coming across a person that could have a major effect on your life. And that is a big deal.

Who cares that the words are said over and over again, over a really bloody catchy guitar, its the fact that there are paths you can take in life, and some paths are more heady than others. Couldnt be more pleased to share this song with you lot today.