Sounds: Okay Champ // The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)

“I used to like drugs, but now I like therapy.”

Being that I’m fresh from Europe and continuing my EU love from afar, I’ve got this INSANELY visceral post-punk single from UK’s Okay Champ that is far deserving of your ear attention. The band’s origins lie in an extensive pub-chat between vocalist John Edgar and guitarist David Turnbull, with the final catalyst spurring the formation being the death of Leonard Cohen. Heady enough.

The track, The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) is dark and edgy, reminiscent of this basement party I went to in Bed Stuy a few weeks ago, packed to the brim, and us all sweating our faces off while moshing. Equal parts dark, twisted imagery and sharp-witted observations, the track is a sure fire statement of intent from the self-styled gloom-fuzz 5-piece.

“The Party’s Over (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) is basically a giant strop about mortality, and Brexit,” says Edgar, “I’d prolapsed a disc in my back and we’d seemingly regressed seventy years over night. It just poured out. I think it was written in about ten minutes. Then Dave wrote that solo!”

Listen to their debut track, produced by Okay Champ and Will Thornycroft below, and see them live next month (July 7th) at Narc Fest in Newcastle xx.

Photo Credit: Wolfgang Paradisio

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