Sounds: The Silent Home // Dancing Alone

He wonders how it did happen
He wonders how it will end
He’s looking for truth with a glass in a hand.

Getting some serious David Byrne vibes from this new track from UK-based The Silent Home, and this New York girl has no complaints with that. The indie-pop music project was formed in 2017 in London, and consists solely of French multi-instrumentalist and singer Nicolas Hugo (who if you’re wondering, grew up in the South of France and spent time in Paris before moving to London).

He’s been making music since 14, with early influences ranging from David Bowie, Steve Reich, New Order and David Byrne, to Britpop icon Jarvis Cocker and Mercury Rev’s psych-rock. Which you can all TOTALLY hear in this new track. It’s life.

I wrote this song to try to define the way some people and myself included may avoid problems by running away. Simple as that, you may have massive debts, love problems, there is always a way to escape by dancing or partying but you always end up alone back to the source of it.

Story of my life; and most Friday evenings. Send regards to my poor puppy who has to witness this dancing.

Kick off (or finish up) your Friday with this totally danceable tune x.

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