Sounds: KYLYPSO // Honestly

My London homies KYLYPSO just put out this new track “Honestly” that is speaking some TRUTH y’all.

There are so many times that I’m in a situation with someone—a friend or a potential lover—and it’s like pulling teeth getting them to actually express how they feel. Sure, it’s hard to be vulnerable or direct, but I find that the older we get, the more important it is to just cut it straight. I’ve also lived in New York for some time now so that good old New York spirit has started to get in my pores.

This track gives me some of that, and as I’m going through the ringer with friends and a new/future/ex love, it’s definitely nice to feel that other people have felt/are feeling what I’m going through. So, there’s that.

These guys are so incredibly talented and cool, it makes me look like Napoleon Dynamite next to them. They also put out these rad zines (apparently inspired by our zine, but really chicken or the egg folks).

Vote for Pedro.

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