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If you’re looking for a post-punk jam with drums that make you feel like getting your bum out your seat and dancing, then meet DC’s Taciturn. The vocals are so 90’s grunge I could punch myself in the eyeball. Where the fuck is the nearest mosh pit?

Their track “Only Fiction” gives me a mix of Nirvana, meets Joy Division, which for anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve already reached a europhia. But when met with Girl Band Lawman-esque drums, well shit. Someone call the police because things just got too real.

Taciturn is comprised of guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist Nyle Hamidi, drummer Kevin Ralph, and bassist Brandon Leach. They met in the DC DIY music scene and decide to start practicing together relatively recently in January (which is unbelievable to me as well, because come on this track is rad).

With an array of song and sound ideas stored away, Nyle began introducing different avant-garde music ideas – comprised of atypical drum beats, droney baselines, and bizarre guitar tunings – that the band workshopped until their unique sound was found.

All of that makes Taciturn’s unfamiliar sound like punk, post-punk, no-wave, noise rock, alternative, etc. Or all of the above.

Individually, the members have extremely varying taste in music. Kevin’s music experience is comprised almost solely of DC hardcore bands, while Brandon prefers the gentler sounds of Fiona Apple and Elliott Smith. Nyle comes from the suburbs of Arizona, where the lack of a music scene prevented him from fitting into a genre.

The first track off Taciturn’s debut no-wave album This Will Make You Happy is giving me life go ahead and give it a listen. 

Upcoming Shows

June 30 – ~Secret Show; Secret Location~
July 5 – Jammin’ Java Battle of the Bands
July 14 – VFW Post 9274

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