Sounds: Feiler // Ruse

Pretty girl

I feel your touch

Like a lover that you thought you’d left behind you

I’m not trying

To be worse

Than I am //

Y’all ready to cry? I’ll wait while you go get a bottle of red wine (please don’t tell me you actually enjoy vino blanc).


This track “Ruse” by Feiler  is a seemingly innocuous indie folk tune that ebbs and flows instrumentally, loaded with subtle acoustic guitars and synths, and lyrics that tug at my heartstrings. Yes, I too am surprised my black heart can feel something.

Feiler (who has been featured on the Left Bank before) is the solo project of LA-based singer/songwriter/producer Austin Smith. If you recall, he left his college house in Los Angeles and took to the rural woods of northern Georgia in a Thoreau-esque manner, to create some music.

Pretty girl

Love me true

Be the one beside me here in blackness

Listen to the new tune below x.

pc. Noel Woodford

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