Sounds: Me Not You // Imagine That

“We have a bunch of singles for when we put out the album… but this song kind of spoke to us and said “you gotta put me out” just because it’s such a special tune for us.”

Thank GAWD it’s Friday—it’s been the longest week in my almost 30 years of life but hey, we’ve got some good music coming in to finish the rest of this day.

So this track by Me Not You (who through chatting back and forth about this track, I’ve realized has joined the ranks of my next potential therapist or officiator) is a beautiful, beautiful take on belonging, and life, and all of those weird existential things that we all think about from time to time (some of us more than others).

“We’ve been in the studio this month working on our debut LP. A few weeks back, right after the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas, we were reading so much about the shooter and caught a really intense bit of inspiration and wrote Imagine That. It all just sort of appeared that day, and it was pretty magical for us … that ephemeral feeling that’s the reason we songwriters do what we do. And after each of these tragedies, we all point fingers, which is inevitable. But we wrote the song as if we were writing to the shooter, and to all the shooters, imagining what we would have said to them had we had the chance before they did the horrible things they did. The sense of powerlessness overwhelms us, so we fantasize about having the ability to do something, anything.”

It’s a beautiful moment and experience overall to work with musicians who not only put out great, thoughtful tracks but tracks that speak so much depth and serve as a commentary (and also refuge/respite) on the state of our society, and I think it’s really powerful that Me Not You falls into this category.

For this track, 100% of the revenue will go to March for our Lives, an amazing organization started by students, trying to precipitate real change in the U.S., so go ahead and listen to the tune below and then purchase the track, do some good. Hell, we all could (and should). The world isn’t going to get better on its own, that’s for sure.

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