Sounds: Nothing For Breakfast // Better Than Anything

This horror sex meets alien noir track//video from Italy’s Nothing For Breakfast has me a little spooked, but also dancing in my seat. It’s like a dark acid trip that turns happy at the end, which in my experience isn’t exactly how these things work out, but work with me here.

Formed by a collaboration between Italian producer/songwriter Samuele Cangi and American frontman Jonathan Shackelford, Nothing for Breakfast has been making music for some time—they released their debut EP back in 2014, toured America in 2016 and 2017, and have been getting some good press in magazines around the world.

Not bad for alien noir.

“Better Than Anything” (written and produced by bandleader Samuele Cangi) was born as a b-side of the forthcoming album, but turned into a one-shot single. Which once you listen to the track and watch the vid, you’ll totally see why.

Alright then, let’s get weird.

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