Sounds x Vid: Silverbacks // Dunkirk

I’m not entirely sure what it is, maybe the full moon that has been fucking all of us over the past few days, but lately I’m getting a slew of really rad track submissions—from bands all over the world. And, while generally rocking out to good music makes me feel like I’m alive, I’ve had a hard go of things lately and tracks like this make EVERYTHING better. And I mean everything.

This one I am particularly close to, because Dublin art-punks Silverbacks turned to fellow Dublin-based kickass punk band Girl Band for the production of this track. And anyone who knows me, knows that I love/obsess over/want to be Girl Band.

Produced by Girl Band’s Daniel Fox, ‘Dunkirk’ punches you in the gut with an insistent, nagging bassline and creepy crawly guitar lines—an ideal vehicle for frontman Daniel O’Kelly’s stream of consciousness ramblings about martial strife, the most exquisite sandcastle and spotting a con artist when he sees one.

Can I just crawl into his mind and live there? How is Trump President but mind-crawling isn’t a thing?

The video was hand illustrated, which ok we get it you’re more talented than we will ever be. Listen to the new tune and watch the v. awesome video, and then go buy a plane ticket to Dublin because clearly we are all missing out.

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