Sounds: YellowStraps // Nights Up

Literally someone smack me—I’ve been sitting on this track for ages, and it’s really unfair to you guys cuz its sick. Full of Friday vibes, Belgian act YellowStraps is the perfect kind of indie electro meets trip hop, like a nice mix between Portishead and Jamie XX. So thanks for that.

The track “Nights Up” is a chill, soulful electronic offering featuring the wonderful vocals of Australian artist and producer St. South.

“Nights Up” lays out a narrative of a girl who wants more than a friendship. The warm, soulful production floats underneath St. South’s chill verses and catchy hook “Look, just look the other way”, before kicking into a charming duet.”

Yes, yes I know that feeling. And then we all get our way and run off into the sunset, with a rainbow following behind us.

In between waiting for unrequited love, go ahead and give this tune a listen.

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