Sounds: Yip Yops // She

“It’s a philosophy for us,” affirms Ison. “We’ll never get comfortable. It’s about being uncomfortable and continuing to push. There’s a hole that needs to be filled.” – Ison

Hell yeah y’all it’s the Yip Yops fresh from the Coachella valley. No seriously, this isn’t some hipster joke. This is real life.

The Coachella Valley is where YIP YOPS were born and still call home; but you aren’t going to find bubblegum pop and misappropriated outfits with this band because frankly, they are better than that—and don’t need anything but the music they come with.

“We look at music like an open book and allow ourselves to be inspired. Nothing is off limits.”

There’s an indefinable and indescribable urge that spurned the quartet- lead singer and guitarist Ison Van Winkle, drummer Ross Murakami, bassist Jacob Gutierrez, and keyboardist/ vocalist Mari Brossfield- to send their own kind of aftershocks through alternative music.

2018 sees the four-piece release more music as they push the single “She” and hit the road supporting Lauren Ruth Ward on tour. Catch them in your city and listen to the v. booty-shaking, disco meets indie pop track “She” below.

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