Sounds: Chkbns // Animal

Show me your soft side,
The one that you hide
From everyone

In honor of the World Cup (not sure if I have any submissions from Croatia in my queue), I’ve got this track from Chkbns (pronounced cheekbones) that I am stoked to share.

Formed in Saint Petersburg in early 2011, Aneliya, Emily aka Mila, Slava aka Gabriel, combined their powers of musical magic, releasing 3 EPs, and playing live in Seattle (KEXP in studio), Toronto, London, Leeds, Stockholm, Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Honkong, Beijing, Seoul, Hanoi, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Narva, Alitus, and Jelgava. 

The video for “Animal” (made by the v. talented photographer Polina Washington) is dark and esoteric, and at times super trippy. It perfectly fits the track with its gorgeous ethereal vocals and a bass line that touches my soul. What you end up with is ambient metal meets shoegaze—giving you just enough edge that you can’t help but want more.

Flowing under street lights
Please, don’t join fights
Walk away

Watch the killer video below x.

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