Sounds: OLWH // I say things I don’t mean

Instead I say things I don’t mean

In a chat with my best friend now about how she shouldn’t ask the Australian guy she started dating 3 weeks ago if she can move back to Australia with him. I feel terrible being so hardcore (hence the track I’m about to introduce) but I feel like sometimes you just have to keep it real? Or how about the time I went off on my ex boyfriend completely in French. Oops. We all make mistakes in our 20’s right?

Hailing from Hertfordshire, Kelvin Beyioku (AKA OLWH), has made this gorgeous indie electronic meets experimental track “I say things I don’t mean” feat. the beaut vocals of Freak Slug. While switching between genres, he makes sure to give you a similar and distinct vibe throughout all his productions, while also leaving enough space for you to mentally wax nostalgic. It’s a nice balance that he gives us in his track, and I’ll use this moment as a nice big “I’m sorry” for anytime I’ve waxed bullshit to any of my friends. 

we’ve got our own things to do
it can go anyway it wants to
Theres so much that i could say

Instead I say things I don’t mean

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