Sounds: Songs of Summer x July

“come on, come over my feet are stuck in the clear cold water a loose grip on everything lost to complacency i haven’t learned to hold the ones I love as close as they hold me and it goes on” – Sungazing “Film”

This is our annual sounds of summer playlist. I say annual as it is primarily aspirational/optimistic in that I will continue this the following year, but work with me here.

I’ve been sitting on a ton of REALLY great submissions and have compiled some of the very best for you lot here. They all speak to me what summer in New York feels like—a little sexual, very hot, and sometimes just plain insane (in a good way). I won’t keep y’all waiting, enjoy this Coney Island meets name that person’s dank basement party. Happy listening.

Sungazing | “Film”

This 4 piece shoegaze/post punk band from College Park, MD Sungazing is the ultimate hangover or Uber ride home track. The vocals are melancholic and broody, instrumentals post-punk at its absolute best. And I mean best in a ‘when will all of this end’ kind of vibe.

They’ve recently put out our debut self-titled album, and have unfortunately since broken up. Shit gets dark and real; I get it. P.S. they just released an EP worth listening to.

Soft Streak | “Ride”

“Ride is a song that I wrote inspired by a movie I couldn’t stop thinking about. It’s about desperately needing a change from your current situation and not caring about the risk involved in making the change. Or maybe you’re even looking for something slightly dangerous because at least that would be interesting. Action without caring about the consequence.”

Preach Soft Streak.

Hop in that getaway car and head upstate, or on a road trip, or to hell for all I care, just have a good time doing it. No regrets x.

Raindrop | “Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream”

Someone find me a beach so that I can blast this track from Sydney-based songwriter and lo-fi producer, Raindrop. It’s less of a track and more of a 6-minute mini opus in all of its psychedelic glory.

“Bob Dylan’s 116th Dream explores the constant cycles one goes through that always seem to lead back to the same result, following the heart, not the mind.” Miles Devine aka Raindrop

The Cold Seas | “Retrograde”

So this is definitely the track when you’re going in for that first kiss on a Berlin rooftop (or Brooklyn, since that’s where I’m currently living). It’s slow and cute and melodic. It kills me. Major plus that the band is Asbury Park, NJ—one of my favorite places on the entire planet.

I’m feeling something for you; can I get something from your heart?

Them Swoops | “Summer Daze”

Of course this track made it onto the playlist—it’s got all kinds of summertime vibes in this. I actually think I’ve teleported to Venice Beach in the middle of writing this. How did my skateboard stay on that whole time?? Hey there! Thanks so much for having a listen.

The song is not a “single” but one of 6 that they have been releasing each month. It was written in less than 30 minutes and recorded in a bedroom, mixed in a bedroom and then mastered at a small local studio. The lyrics are meant to be vague/generic and basically serve as a vehicle for melody and energy.

“The video however is more resonant for Dave (the singer), being the only footage he has of his mother who died at age 28 in 1983 (Dave was 2 years old). It shows Dave’s mother and father (the guy with the football and funny hair) running about having fun in the late 1970’s summer sun, and we thought as the song was summer-themed it fits together well.”

La Femme | “Elle Ne T’aime Pas”

So you know I had to take it there, being that I’ve just returned from France, have just celebrated our win (On y va!), and am fully prepared to celebrate Bastille Day this weekend. But beyond all of that, La Femme is one of the most catchy bands around, their videos are always incredibly creative, and come on, who doesn’t love French music? Keep your comments to yourself there. Happy July and Vive la France toujours.


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