Sounds: The Vliets // Wi_su

Smile, you’re getting nervous

Not going to lie, I’m entirely obsessed with this track by Texans The Vliets. Made up of Ty Bohrnstedt, Daniel Gonzalez, Max Anderson, and Adham El-effendi, the band knows their way around their instruments, producing a lo-fi indie rock sound that quite literally could have been made in some Texas garage or basement. The punk rock-esque guitars are straight hypnosis—speaking to a tiny bit inside of me that is aching to be free and also wants to cry for an abnormally long time. That’s why the guitar was invented, right?

The first track off their new album semiwestern (on Bandcamp here) “Wi_su” tells a whole story of love and heartbreak, happiness and loss, escapism—and the falsetto toward the end of the track makes me want to cry.

I think I just want to cry. We will save that for another day // time.

Listen to “Wi_su” below x

Image // Illustration by @garbage1sland

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