Sounds: DD Walker // Malibu

Today is a great day for music—my friend New York-based DD Walker has recently stepped out on his own, formally playing // performing with Gavin Turek, Bear Hands, Skylar Grey, and Atlas Genius.

His new solo track “Malibu” is such a great debut. The vocals are ON POINT, the instrumentals prove that he knows exactly what the hell he’s doing musically, but more imporantly he’s having fun with this, and you can tell.

You can also tell that he is probably scared (and proud) as hell to share himself, as in his human self with the world. It’s hard to go from playing bass in major bands, to being like ‘here I am world, here’s my voice, here are my lyrics and my thoughts’. It takes a lot of bravery, and for that I applaud him.

The last time we hung out, we drunkenly danced in a group for hours at Brooklyn’s C’mon Everybody. Not bad for an evolution.

Listen to his debut here x

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