Sounds: wwoman // FOA

Taking a break from my Cranberries brooding session to listen to some tunes that are a bit more upbeat. No one said turning 30 would be easy, but we all gotta do it eventually …

Dubbed ‘depression pop’ by a blogger in 2017, Wwoman is a project of Pittsburgh artist Gi Smee. And as someone who just moved from The Cranberries on to wwoman, I can actually say that this random blogger who made that claim is 100% accurate.

While Gi is currently being held at a rehabilitation center in Pittsburgh, he still plans on releasing work regularly—good for everyone involved.

“This is what it feels like to float away from your home and family and planet against your will.” -wwoman on FOA

Shit is real. And shit is dark on the Left Bank. Stop sending me pop tunes that sound like Ariana Grande people, this is the kind of stuff we are more inclined to listen to // love // play // crawl inside.