Sounds x Premiere: Keegan Powell // Practicing Zen

you always looked like a rocker
you always wagered your health
you always thought like a doctor
you always had to be held

Unbelievably stoked to share this Hump day with you lot and the very talented LA-based Keegan Powell. We are premiering his new single “Practicing Zen” — something that I think we should all practice in this summer heat, before someone gets hurt. I live in New York; I’m naturally aggressive.

Sorry Keegs. Moving on …

If you follow Left Bank on a regular, if not religious, basis, you’ll notice that Keegan once fronted (still fronts?) Spells of Vertigo. So it should come as little to no surprise that we dig his solo work just as much. If not more (shh)  …

“Practicing Zen” has epic summer vibes—the guitar is über catchy, the bass fuels your footsteps, and the vocals … my. God. The track has some deeply rooted darkness which I love, but instrumentally its so damn catchy you have no idea you’re dancing along to a sad/mad boi. He also fully knows his way around his instruments, and knows how to put together an indie rock song that has roots in some of the greats (The Strokes and Weezer, to name a few) but with his own style.

you said prepare for some sorrow
and to be practicing zen
then you looked up to the ceiling
and told me i’m dreaming

We also share the same initials, so he is good in my book.

Listen to his new solo single “Practicing Zen” below, and a special thanks to Keegan for thinking of us when looking for a place to premiere the track.

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