Sounds: FLOAT // WATCH

I have a feeling that Joy Division has come back around and joined Television, and made this incredible band by the name of FLOAT. I’m currently dying just listening to it—I can’t type fast enough to get this to you. My fingers are falling off. My ears are ringing. Someone help.

But don’t make it stop.

London based post-punk outfit FLOAT released their debut single WATCH‘ about a month ago at this point, but I’m telling you it’s got some real staying power.

Hailing from all corners of England, the band came together a year ago and have already seen their boisterous brand of rock music earn them a glowing reputation in their scene.

Not surprised.

In ‘WATCH’ you’re hit with riving rhythms, spiky guitars and dark washed-out vocals. What more could you want?

The answer is nothing people. The answer is nothing.

Listen to it below. I’m dead. See you when they release another track.

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