Sounds: The doobs // Her

Created by two groms embodying the eccentric vocals of Modest Mouse and mellow instrumentation Mazzy Star and elvis Depresedly.

Hey lovely folks on the Left Bank! Happy Monday (if you’re on the East Coast or Western Europe, we’ve made it!).

This track by Southern California Cost Surf Rock band The doobs has got me completely hypnotised.  The band began in the garage and started branching out to the Inland Empires rising music scene. Cutting their teeth in the competitive downtown Pomona scene they quickly gained credibility and experience while honing their on stage prescience and hosting local events.

Their newest track “Her” is simplistic in it’s lyrics, and beautiful in what it conveys—”whatever happens, happens.”

The line is one of those that says very little and so much at the same time, enveloped around the ultimate shoegaze meets surf rock instrumentals, and a total DIY, ‘just woke up from bed’ vocals. And, it’s perfect—melancholic, and also hopeful. How do you do it doobs?

Listen to the track below x

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