Sounds: Tuvaband // Wolfpack

Happy Saturday ya fools! I’m feeling great—just brought on a new writer so we can get even more posts up (and on a somewhat regular, less-scatterbrained basis) and I’ve got a bunch of new tunes coming your way, starting with this track from Tuvaband.

Originally a two person creation, Tuvaband is now the solo project of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser—a singer, songwriter, and producer originally from Norway and currently based in Berlin (which I’ll have you know, is one of my favorite places of all time, obv).

She has a unique sound that blends lo-fi production, reverb-drenched guitars and catchy vocal layering. In late 2016 she was ready to share her music, and the band self-released their debut double A-side single “Unknown / Running”.

There are some bands // tracks that you just want to see live, and that’s how I feel about “Wolfpack”. But until she makes her way to NYC, or me to Berlin, I guess this will have to do. Enjoy x

Photo by Maureen Lantinga — at GLORIA THEATER.

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