Sounds x Vid: Oh800 // Character Building

Its about those internal freak outs you get, feeling like a kid in your 30’s, getting ripped off, as well as the good stuff like love and friendship.”

Ok. Whoever made this video for Oh800‘s track “Character Building” is a genius, and I’m just happy to be living among them.

Prepare to get your legs moving and your mind actually blown with this track // vid, it’s a little David Byrne meets LCD Soundsystem, which no one in their right mind wouldn’t like.

Filled with clunking cowbells, pulsating beats and bright, jangling guitar sounds, frontman Eoin Rooney’s colloquial lead vocal is able to soar effortlessly.

Sharing a common obsession with ESG, LCD Soundsystem and CBGBs, long-time pals Eoin, Gavin Ellis (bass, synth) and Olly Betts (drums) got together to make music to move to.

They are not art school drop outs. They didn’t make this album out of heartbreak. They didn’t disappear to a log cabin in the woods. They didn’t pump your petrol, though they may have poured you a pint. They DID start making noise together in 2016 and released Shoulda Known It last year.

And with that, I’m obsessed. Listen // watch the vid below x

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