Sounds: Adam Brookes // All I Got Is You

“Lyrically reflecting on whether or not he has something to lose now, he finds himself questioning and grappling with what exactly that might be.”

The 80’s called—and Adam Brookes is today’s answer for making awesome, electro-pop tracks. Thank God.

Best known as the frontman for Dangermaker, San Francisco-based Adam Brookes has just made his debut solo single (released on Breakup Records).

“After forming indie pop band Dangermaker, music went from pastime to obsession for Adam as he dealt with the sudden death of his father during the first week of tracking their debut album. The experience plunged him further into his art with a sense of urgency, eventually emerging with a euphoric sound that defined Dangermaker’s releases.”

The new single All I Got Is You brings a more minimal, yet electronic feel—which admittedly is a nice deviation from his previous oeuvre under Dangermaker. It’s heartwarming without being sappy; dancey without being a Ministry of Sound anthem. It’s the perfect mix, and Adam’s voice pulls you in even more.

“Rather than force-fitting everything into an existing box, this new solo work is left free to land where it may, fusing electronic and hip-hop influences just as much as rock, pop, R&B or anything else.”

It’s always nice seeing a musician expand past previous set creative boundaries and explore other sounds, and parts inside of them—so congrats Adam. Excited to see what is to come through this new journey.

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