Sounds: Mystic Braves // Shades of Gray

Words by Kristyn

Epic 60’s era breakup track right here. Can’t get enough.

L.A. psych-rockers Mystic Braves has just released “Shades of Gray” and it’s the perfect Jefferson Airplane meets The Zombies breakup track—with a little bit of keys heavily inspired by The Doors. Which, you’ll never hear me complain about that. Ever.

“Shades of Grey” is an uptempo track that investigates the struggle of still being in love with someone after the relationship falls apart.

The band is gearing up to release their new LP The Great Unknown, which was produced by Kyle Mullarky (The Growlers, Allah-Las) at their label Lolipop Records’ new studio/compound in Los Angeles.

The Great Unknown (out August 17) stands as Mystic Braves’ most fully realized project yet—an arresting collection of ethereal psych-pop that channels artists like The Seeds and The Kinks while maintaining an earnest and unique sense of individuality. You’ve got 12 songs that explore the many facets of heartbreak with the album itself acting as a vehicle for emotional catharsis.


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