Sounds: Spirit Award // Supreme Truth

Words by Kristyn

Seattle-based band Spirit Award has just released this insanely amazing track, “Supreme Truth”—the first single from their forthcoming album Muted Crowd.

In “Supreme Truth”” you’re going to hear a lot of early New Order and Can, with its psych rock melodies and ethereal vocals. I also hear some Twin Shadow in there but I might just be on crack.

Thematically the single is based on the Japanese death cult “Aum Shinrikyo” lead by Shoko Asahara, who recruited the rich to join his cult and carry out the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995. After becoming fascinated with cults, institutions and religions, the band shed light on how it can be so easy to get lost in something when that’s all you’re surrounded by.

I could discuss this ALL DAY. But, we might wanna take our weird death cult/serial killer obsession offline.

Spirit Award credit the death of a family member, anxiety, a robbery, and the ending of a relationship for the record’s pensive, yet hopeful look into the future. Through all this the band continued working on the record over the course of two years, which is why it garnered the name, Neverending. And it was, by the way, recorded with Jack Endino (Nirvana), and Eric Corson (Perfume Genius, Ceremony), Connor Birch and GG Reynolds (Sleater-Kinney).


Listen to “Supreme Truth” below x

Photo: Brenna Nickels

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