Sounds: Tender Glue // Rudy

And if I go

Roll one for me

Cigarettes you used to smoke

This new track and video by Tender Glue kills me. KILLS ME. As artistic as it is sweet, the video features a clever juxtaposition of New York scenes and moments, cityscapes, and street scenes on the Lower East Side.

With vocals that bring a feeling of nothing but pure nostalgia and happiness.

“Rudy” was written about 6 years ago and was inspired by a girl I met once. I had chords and a melody written beforehand and the words came quickly to me. This girl had shown me how she rolls her cigarettes, which was inspiration for the lyrics “And if I go ; Roll one for me; Cigarettes you used to smoke; Hope you will quit”. Although some of the lyrics were based on real scenarios, the whole idea of the song is more of an imagination. I took some of the details of this brief non-intimate meeting and created a story.

We all come across so many different types of people and moments in NYC and Tender Glue has done a perfect job of wrapping it all up into three minutes of joy and sadness.

And if I die

Bury me so deep under all our lies

Hope you will quit


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