Sounds: Matty T Wall // Sidewinder

Just had a terrible first date and came home with a tad bit of an attitude, I won’t lie. But now that I’m watching this video by Australian Matty T Wall, slowly my bad mood is going away.

Lookswise, he’s gorgeous; soundwise, he’s strong. He has really nice vocals, an ear for what makes a good rock song without trying too hard, and can we just take a minute to discuss those vocal harmonies at the chorus?

Beyond the track itself, the video is SO. WELL. DONE. It’s professional without having the fingerprints of major labels all over it—which as someone who spent years working at a major, I can appreciate. It’s obvious that the artist still has a lot of influence on his music, and his outward appearance, and I respect that.

Matty T Wall, you’ve got it going on.

Listen to his track // watch the vid for Sidewinder below x.

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