Sounds: Sean Christopher // Cherokee

Words by William

Sean Christopher may be Dutch, but damn does Cherokee capture some Delta Rock. The heavy guitar rhythms and bass down right force you to stomp your feet. It’s the epitome of bringing folk back into the forefront of the alternative scene.

“I tried all sorts of different instruments, played with FX, and I heavily produced most of my demo tracks,” says Sean. “Although they were nicely produced demos, I wanted the songs to have a stronger coherence between them. One day I was at my dad’s place, playing one of his flamenco guitars, when suddenly the feeling struck me – this instrument was just right for what I wanted. So I decided to limit myself just to this particular guitar. Finally I was writing songs as a musician again, not behind a machine, and it really felt liberating.

Well, Sean, you did just that. The track is organic, natural, and feels truly musical. It brings me back to nights sitting on my friend’s rug in a circle. We had 4 or 5 instruments and traded folk songs, and originals. The roots of the folk ideology.

Hear it below:


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