Sounds x Editor’s Space: Shake Your Arse

Happy fucking Friday.

I’ve found some really AWESOME electronic tracks to take you into the weekend. I promise these tracks won’t disappoint.

Phenatiks – Bad Bitches

Los Angeles duo who are reinvigorating and rejuvenating the G-House scene. And this track is SICK.

‘Bad Bitches’ is their latest output, and keeping to their G-House roots, the track is full of bass, infectious melodies and vocal loops that will be in your head long after listening. Starting with percussion primed and ready for the club, the vocal then enters and builds towards the drop. When it hits, it is predictably dark and brutal, with bass and energy bursting at the seams.

Dark and brutal. Just how I like.

Robot Plant – Tired Now

First off, this artist is called Robot Plant (which I’m assuming is a play on Robert Plant, and I find that hilarious and awesome). This track “Tired Now” expresses how I feel after a long night out, but it’s perfect in that it’s bluesy meets techno, with clever lyrics delivered in a monotone. I’m obsessed.

Tobtok and Adrian Lux – As I Sleep [Gramercy Remix]

Swedish house producers Tobtok (Tobias Karlsson) and Grammy-nominated Adrian Lux, have collaborated for the first time on ‘As I Sleep’—taking me back to my Ibiza party days.

Remixed by New York-based Canadian producer/DJ Gramercy, who spent the past few years in the industry producing for the likes of Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, this sick house track has a washed out, immersive feel, reminiscent of early electronic house.

Rob Garza – Dissolve feat. Fare

Feeling a lot of early David Guetta vibes in this track, but admittedly its got a vibe/sound of its own. It’s so smooth and soulful—pretty sure this track needs to be on some sick car commercial. Work your magic!

Bes & Meret – Pachuca

Not sure if I’m at Ushuaia or NYC cuz this tribal house track “Pachuca” is hitting some serious spots. The german DJ team have extensive backgrounds in music, including residencies in clubs like Pacha Club, Carpe Diem, Carpe Diem Beach, and many more. Oh Ibiza, can I be in you right now?

Novado – Say My Name Remix [Destiny’s Child]

I’m a sucker for a good Destiny’s Child remix track—if you aren’t, you aren’t human. “Say My Name” … come on! With the luscious tones of Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, and a lot of added bass and energy, it is a certified banger.

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