Sounds: Ed The Dog // Funny Turns

Words by William

I’m unusually stoked about this submission, because I’ve been following Ed The Dog since Ed Wetenhall fronted for Fish Tank. His first single, Funny Turns, blasts me into my sun-soaked Volvo wagon that honestly should have been dead since the 90s. Weezer is on my shitty radio. I’m on my way to a storage unite by the beach to hear a show and absolutely convinced I’m going to find someone to make out with. If I can find the guts…

Ed The Dog serves more crunch than a Lay’s potato chip. They’ve got the harmony of a band who cares. The lyrics are a balm for an emotionally shredded 20-something who has no fucking clue what to do with their life.

Ed is my hero for quitting his 9-5 for music. His tunes are anxious, a little depressed, but absolutely joyful at the same time. His first album, Shame, is an indie masterpiece.

Hear his single below:



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