Sounds: CO SONN // why

Words by K

So this dude CO SONN has in a weird turn of magic, come inside of my heart and my brain and pulled out everything I’m feeling and turned it into a fucking fucktastic punk song.

I think I just made that word up but surely someone on this earth has come up with fucktastic before.

I hope my mom isn’t reading. Just in case, hi mom.

Hailing from Vänersborg, Sweden, CO SONN is a one man project. Therefore he is a force of nature and we should all watch out.

After eight self-released EP’s/albums on Bandcamp and a couple of singles, he’s finally ready for the second release—this time with a label by his side.  This track that I’m obsessing over (‘why’) is the second single from the coming album ”VBG trash ensemble vol.2” that came out on May 18th by Lazy Octopus Records (our faves) over in Stockholm.

Influenced from all over the place, including Peter Tosh, Brainbombs, Kool Keith and Sonic Youth, CO SONN puts out honest, raw and simple sound—with two guitars and a drum set.

Marry me. We really get each other.

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