Sounds: Paul Cook & The Chronicles // Stop

Words by K

Oh man that was a dark, post-punk, aurally depressive rabbit hole I was just in. Felt good but wooo, shaking that shit off.

Paul Cook & The Chronicles make you feel good but in a different way—it’s not dark and melancholic, but rather upbeat. I kind of feel like I’ve gone from being in Hades to being on Hawaii. From Hades to Hawaii—that should be an album title.

But, I digress.

“Stop” is a loose-limbed retro pop shout out—and is the first single from their album (coming out this fall), which was recorded in his studio in Tottenham.

Cook has formed his own one man bourbon-fueled house band, and it’s something I can get behind.

Listen to his new tune below xx.

Image by Maximilian Hetherington Photography