Sounds: Loud Forest // Hold On

Words by William

Loud Forest is Broken Bells meets Cage the Elephant. I don’t know where they were when I was 17 and desperately needed them, but they’re here now and that’s what counts.

LA-based Bernard and Rachel Chadwick are the husband-and-wife duo behind the project. Their music is full of warmth and emotion, which hides the sorrowful struggles of their lyrics. It’s the kind of music that can only come from a duo that shares a tremendous amount of love and time. If you listen to the Weepies, you know what I’m talking about.

“If Loud Forest’s music can be called pop, a three-letter word for artists after purity, it is only in its likability, its warmth, its tidy edges. Here is then pop imbued with love and artisanship.”

True enough. They’re the best alt-pop has to offer.

Hear it below:


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