Sounds: Aaron Joseph Russo // Home

Words by Kristyn 

This track by Aaron Joseph Russo hits you really hard; kind of taking you away from the moment and place you’re in, and transporting you to the room where he created what I consider to be a masterpiece. Sure, it’s pretty lo-fi in nature and production (hell, it was recorded in his garage) but I think that just adds to the authenticity and truth about it.

He’s here sharing his emotions with the world; maybe with one person; maybe no one will listen. But shit has been going on in his life and this track feels like a personal journal that someone just happened to come across. It’s so real; so gritty; so sad. It’s no holds barred, no bullshit. Just a track, from a guy, experiencing things in life and maybe hoping that it reaches someone.

Which, at least for my little corner of the world, it has. Thank you Aaron for making something that matters.

i recorded an album in my garage with one microphone and one guitar, during which i saw two immediate family members go through cancer, curbed an addiction, had a mental breakdown and graduated university, hope you like it.

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