Sounds: Ambedo // Partner In Crime

Words by William

Ambedo creates and mixes in his bedroom, and his music comes through like a lover you’ve been waiting up for all night. His sound is tender and loving—it’s almost obvious he’s a kind soul seeking fulfillment and meaning in a world that can be wildly disappointing.

Evening lights glow over your shoulder
on an empty road we’re driving far
does it feel like an inner calling
when your body won’t leave your mind alone?

‘Cause I am your partner in crime
your partner in crime.

You can hear Tame Impala’s influence drift through the track. It’s exactly what I need right now. Home alone with my cats, sick, while my lover goes through a particularly rough day without me. I feel like we’ll get through the night. Tomorrow will be a better day.

I’m waiting for your album, Robert. Partner in Crime is Ambedo’s second single.

Hear it below:


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