Sounds: DANSU // Don’t You Give Up

Oh. my. god. The vocals on this track make me want to cry, the instrumentals make me want to dance, and I’m thiiissssssss close to buying a Mini Cooper and blasting this as I drive back into the city and regret my decision.

So I think that’s all good thing?

So DANSU is am Amsterdam-based trio that everyone should know. Yes, mom, even you. They are an indie electro act with neo-pop grooves that are scarily catchy yet unpretentious—and I’m just going to go out on a limb and not call this pop. With two singles out in Japan, this Amsterdam-based trio are no strangers to the international stage.

This is Kristyn by the way.

Listen to my new faves DANSU, and send me love or hate mail about owning a car in Brooklyn ( love yous.

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