Sounds: Late Lights // Telling Stories

When I was ten,
I said a crematorium
was an ice cream parlor
for dead people. Even as
my father laughed, I knew
fire ravaged the body, that
it shattered the hair first and
then peeled the clothes away.
But the invention felt good
on my tongue.

Words by Kristyn

Why the FUCK didn’t I have this track on deck last week when I was in my RUT? And I mean rut. Everything was sucking, I hated everyone, I got in a fight with this really attractive Italian man (see above re: hating everyone) and really what I was looking for (read: needing) was this track.

It’s completely insane. Not going to lie — it’s a little Bukowski meets like Swans or Fugazi; but if anyone has a problem with that you can just leave (see above: re hating everyone).

No really, please stay. It’s not you, it’s me.

So what I’m really getting to is the fact that if you’re in a rut, or just generally hate the world and everyone in it, you need to put on some Late Lights and mosh yourself to sleep.

That sounded dirty. Just go with it.

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