Sounds: The Nova Darlings // I Like Crashing My Car (Into Yours)

Words by William

If you can’t tell from the everything about me, I like crunchy garage punk. Especially when it’s sad. I like sitting alone in a dim room at the end of a long day and soaking in a sad song. It makes me feel better, not worse. So I consume bands like Brand New and Tigers Jaw at a high volume.

Along with Ed the Dog, The Nova Darlings are my latest obsession to satisfy my angsty needs. They have the clear, clean lyrics that ring inside you when you’re feeling a little hollow inside. A little reminder that there are other people out there, and they’re living and laughing and hurting like you are too.

They recently released an EP, Ephemera, Etc., and it’s a masterpiece of suburban dissatisfaction. Their summer-bummer single (that I adore) is below:


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