Sounds: 10 Mile Stereo // Down the Line

Words by Kristyn

ask for directions
i went the wrong way
these consequences are unknown to me
im falling down

Lo-fi heaven people! Lo-fi, heaven.

Taking a break from scoping out Urban Outfitters home (don’t judge me, bring this up later, or suddenly feel differently about this magazine) to crank through some submissions sitting in my inbox.

If you got nothing else from that paragraph, remember I’m a huge procrastinator but for (not really) good reason.

What is this therapy?!

El Paso-based one man band 10 Mile Stereo is my therapy for this Sunday evening. He recorded and played all the instruments on this song—which was recorded with cheap equipment (his words, not mine) and explains the lo-fi sound of the recording.

I’ve got no complaints, except the fact that this Fjallraven laptop case is $60. Stepping away  …

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