Sounds: Echo Ladies // Overrated

Words by William 

Midnight is quickly approaching. My roommate is out of town so I’m all alone in my apartment. I have a brand new tattoo, and in the morning, I’m heading in to my 9-to-5 for the first time since I put in my two week’s notice. Once could say I’m feeling whelmed.

Lucky for me, Echo Ladies is going to stay up with me and hold my hand until my Xanax does its thing. The shoe-gazy dream pop is an ode to not quite yet being an adult (kind of what I need right now) that anyone with feelings can relate to. Stare at the ceiling and listen—at least someone out there is feeling the same things as you.

I started with Overrated, but I think I’ll let their album help me to sleep.

Hear it below:


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