Sounds: Jesse Jo Stark // Dandelion

Words by Kristyn

BRB gonna go move into this music video by the babe Jesse Jo Stark. The track is like Lana Del Rey meets like Stevie Nicks — and I’m obsessed. Seriously why haven’t I posted this sooner?

Also, all that flowing white, and palm trees, and rolling around in the bed and on the grass just feels like my version of nirvana.

“A dandelion flower actually owns two faces. one, a bright light yellow and the other, a delicate white puff, gentle to yer touch. love to me is like a dandelion. each time it fades away… it grows back to dance with you, time after time.”

She doesn’t know it but she is my new bff—and this is her new track and vid x.

Image x  @sveta_has

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