Sounds: The Ambient Light // Summer Thoughts

She was so beautiful … You were such a fool to let her go. (I let her go softly)

Words by Kristyn

I just want to take a moment and say how I’ve somehow brought the So Cal lifestyle to my little Brooklyn corner of the world (and I’m officially out of my rut, so that’s another good thing). Just lit some incense and candles, did some yoga in my massive living room space, and showered listening to some super trippy ambient tracks. This summer is almost over, but it’s been amazing.

Which brings me to my homies The Ambient Light. I’ve been following their music in all of their iterations and friend combinations (Ambient Light, Jake Ma, Pure Mids). I wish I could just pick them up and move them over to Brooklyn, but it’s probably more likely I’ll pack up my mini cooper (speaking this SHIT INTO EXISTENCE) and head out west. Like Kerouac.

Much like the projects 2015 full-length album I Want to Exist, the new mixtape was recorded, produced and mixed entirely in Steven’s bedroom.

Their new tune Summer Thoughts is the epitome of summertime perfection.It couldn’t be any more bedroom pop if it tried.Plus, beyond their amazing sound, they are also really rad and supportive. Keep people like this in your circle, y’all.

Namaste and good vibes for all. Listen to “Summer Thoughts” below and the full mixtape is here.

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