Sounds: Rally Club // Kissing Madison

Words by William

I’ve had complete mixed bag of a day. I have good food, having some good bourbon, and got a new pair of jeans that I love. On the other hand, my phone fucking died and I haven’t even payed it off yet. Great. That’s perfect. I have to get my life in order before I start my new job so it’s the perfect time to lose arguably the most important thing I use every day.

So, it’s time to put on my favorite hoodie and go to my happy place. Rally Club eases me back to my dirtbag mindset with a breezy surfer rock. Thank God. I’m bombing a perfect hill and somehow managing not to spill. I’m cooling my hands off in a stream after a big climb. I’m warming my toes by a campfire while a crush a whole 6-pack. Rally Club is the sound of freedom.

Hear it below:


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