Sounds: Two Meters // Left Behind

Words by William 

Two Meters is standing on a roof and watching one of the last sunsets of summer. It forces you to emote. Whether that’s positive or negative is up to you.

Feeling is part of being human. We have ups and downs and everywhere in between, and Two Meters captures that idea in music. It’s sad, yet hopeful. It’s hopeless, yet happy. It’s seeing the bright side of things even though the world is falling to shit. It’s feeling like you’ll never be whole again but pushing on anyhow, because that’s what people do. It’s the emo dream-pop you’ve wanted since you realized you’re not 16 anymore.

I had never seen
dead body
and never planned to

But some things change
and some lives change
and some lives end

Left Behind is a heart tugging ode to the death of his mother—not quite filled with despair, but certainly with sensation.

Hear it below:


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