Sounds: Songs I Would Listen To In My Car, If I Had One

Words by Kristyn

Tale as old as time. And no I’m not talking about Beauty and the Beast. I’m talking about my plight to get a car ‘no wait I don’t need one, but I miss one, but I live in New York, but I like traveling outside the city’ endless dilemma.

And, in honor of the insanity that takes place in my head, I’ve put together some tunes that are perfect for the DC or Montreal road trip I wish I was taking this weekend.

update: drove to the beach from South Brooklyn to Queens over the weekend and a car is not in my best emotional or mental interest. Thanks for watching.

Outpost Records – I’ve Been Feeling

Loud and lo-fi, and edgy, with the best sort of garage rock vocals, this track from Amsterdam-based band Outpost Records is the all-time road trip track. Best suited for hopping on the highway and driving down a long stretch of open road.

Sharkey Barcus – Bad Shirt

This. track.

You could play this nonstop on your road trip and never get tired. Or sitting in a bunch of traffic, in my case. Well, not my case. But in the case of people who have cars in New York. Which doesn’t include me. Let’s move on. This is the first single off of their debut record, Cluster. The song explores the idea of outgrowing friendships and being content to underachieve while everyone around you transitions into success. Or in my case, driving.

Only Sun – Youth

This is another feel good track from High Wycombe-based Only Sun. The drums give you a ton of momentum, and the vocals remind me a lot of The 1975. But in a good way. It’s pretty pop, and admittedly a little more poppy than we usually good for, but man the message is good and the track is catchy as hell. This is your #1 driving to the beach track.

James Wyatt Crosby – Lemonade

YES. YES YES. The Toronto-based musician has taken the best elements of his melody-driven alternative indie pop and crafted a dreamy, dance-inspired track that’s dripping wet with 80s nostalgia.

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