Sounds: Winter & Triptide // Doce Violeta

Words by K

My idea of Heaven/the perfect work environment/the perfect home environment/the perfect environment is inside of this music video “Doce Violeta.”

“Doce Violeta” is the new single from LA-based duo Winter & Triptides off their upcoming album Estrela Mágica.

Samira Winter (Winter) and Glenn Brigman (Triptides) met in LA and immediately bonded over their mutual love of Brazilian music and culture. Winter, growing up in Curitiba, Brazil, was exposed to MPB and tropicalia at an early age by her mother Maristela, who used to sing “Ele Dorme” and “Raio De Sol” to young Samira (both appear as new arrangements on the album). Brigman, while attending Indiana University, was introduced to Brazilian music by his roommate Pedro Assad who left him a collection of Brazilian samba, bossa nova and tropicalia LPs upon moving to Rio de Janeiro.

Now, if we are perfectly honest with each other, I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but I’m guessing it’s something trippy and gorgeous—music has the power to transcend cultures, so I’m going with that.

I once had an acid trip during a now-cancelled music festival in Upstate New York, surrounded by mountains and hippies, and my trip looked just like this video. Does that mean I want to permanently drop acid and see unicorns?


Watch the video for “Doce Violeta” below and remember, drugs are bad mmkay.

Video by Angel Aura + Euthymios Logothetis

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