Sounds: Heartthrob Chassis // Check You Out

Words by K

I can never tell if bands dig being compared to someone that came before them who was super rad/revolutionary, or if they want to be heard as themselves and themselves alone. But be that as it may, Heartthrob Chassis reminds me so much of Joan Jett that it hurts. Physically pains me of how awesome they are.

So you’re sitting at home thinking, great another Left Bank review where K (or William, or the occasional Alex) are writing about some AWESOME band that they love and can’t get enough of.

To which I respond, yes fuck you, we only write about things that punch you in the guts and make you move or sit and pontificate for hours on end. suck it.

Headed by Margaret Doll Rod (former songwriter and member of the Demolition Doll Rods- remember them?), Heartthrob Chassis is the Detroit-based glam garage rock band that you can’t unhear/get out of your head. It’s urgent, and gritty, and the vocals slit you through the chest, and did someone just spill a beer on me?

No, no they didn’t. I’m at home in my PJs. But you get the point. Or at least I hope you do.

Check them out.

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