Sounds: Intenso // Blood Shrinks Everything

Words by K

There’s not a lot that I am 100% sure of lately—going through a classic just turned 30 existential crisis; considering moving to Bali every third day (and even came as far as applying to a school to teach), and let’s just take a moment of silence for that mini cooper I almost bought.

It’s real out here folks and I’m swirling in it, but what I do know is that Perth-based group Intenso is a band worth listening to; following; showing up for.

Part Laurie Anderson meets Bauhaus, with a little Robert Glasper mixed in, it’s atmospheric and dark and cerebral and puts you directly in touch with your soul. Not making this shit up.

“Blood Shrinks Everything” brings you sizzling modular synth tones, leading you down a dimly lit, unknowable sonic corridors which quickly become unstable and fragment exponentially.

Always in flux, like my current state of mind//being, the three piece line-up just gets it. All of it. And doesn’t stop til you make your damn mind up.

So for that, I thank them. And I implore you to listen.

(P.S. what kind of shit is happening in Perth?)


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